Noob merging faces

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Noob merging faces

Post by vvolis »

Hi guys!
I am just starting to delve into depths of 3D modelling, so I know nothing :/
I am trying to create simple cubeshaped models for my game with another software (Zoxel) and then importing them into blender.
The Zoxel creates a lot of faces, that I would like to get rid of, but really can`t. As I`ve said I am a complete noob, and before this I always used x->dissolve to get rid of something, although I don`t know what it does. This time this doesn`t work.

Is this something that can be done easily? Are there any option that would, for example, merge all faces of same color on same plane?

The model looks likethis and heres the blend file.

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Post by brasshat »

The answer to your question, as you've asked it, is "no". You cannot merge all of the faces of the same color in the same plane into a single face. An experienced 3D Blender modeler looking at your mesh could, however, dramatically reduce the number of faces.

My suggestion would be that you take some time from your game development, and master the tool (Blender) you are wanting to use. A good, if slightly outdated, but inexpensive place to start is with John Blain's book, found at ... (2011).pdf.


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Post by Tehrasha »

Well said.:)

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