Extrude region without scale of polygons

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Extrude region without scale of polygons

Post by riyazgomes »

How would I extrude a loop of polygons of a sphere without the size (scale) of individual polygons changing.

I've been told that this can happen in maya and im wondering how to do it in blender.

I have tried solidify, scale, push/pull but all seem to be scaling the individual polygons.

Any ideas would be helpful...Thanks.

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Post by brasshat »

Several ways.

1) Open the 3D viewport with the T key, if it's not already open. Select the edge loop you want to extrude, and in the tool shelf, under edit mode, click on "extrude" to open the drop down menu, and select "faces".

2) Or, with the tool shelf In the 3D viewport open, switch to face select mode, and select in the tool shelf "extrude individual"

3) If certain sets of faces in the selected edge loop are going to be processed differently, select one set of (non-contiguous) faces, extrude and process it; then select the next set and extrude and process it, &c.


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