Help with texture in cycles

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Help with texture in cycles

Post by xeaaex »

Hello i im in middle of puddle, im unable to get satisfactory result from texture in cycles with Displacement map added.
here is the pic ... =3&theater
i added a image text node with a displacement text connected it to normal map node and then connected it to displacement.
may be that not what i'm suppose to do, so i actually wanna know how to add displacement map in "CYCLES" for a particular UV,and that UV is my Handle,
cause when i try to add DISPLACEMENT map using DISPLACE modfier, with UV MAP selected it Changes the Geometry of my whole Sword.
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Post by Hellfireboy »

In order to get a texture to stick to a particular UV map in cycles you have to use the "Attribute" node. Add a new node and go to Input -> Attribute. In the Name box put in the name of the UV map that you would like to use. Connect the Vector output from the Attribute node to the Vector input for your displacement texture and it should work.

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