Merging two edges with different number of vertices

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Merging two edges with different number of vertices

Post by LaurentR2D2 »


How should I do to merge two edges with a different number of vertices on each ? I'm trying to merge point by point, but is quite a tedious task (I have to choose which one I can merge, and if I make a mistake I have to start again), so it would be nice if there was some simpler way :)

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Post by brasshat »

I'm afraid vertex by vertex is the only way to merge, as merging works at the vertex level. An edge is a set of two vertices, and trying to merge two edges would result in merging all for vertices to a single vertex.

However, if you you have toe start over when you make a mistake, you may want to modify your workflow slightly, be examining the result more carefully as you do the merging operations. Then, in the event of a mistake, you can use the "undo operation" [CTRL-Zkey", and undo just the mistake.


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