Objects not lighting up

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Objects not lighting up

Post by YourDirector »

Hi all,

I'm very new to blender and am having a bit of a noob issue with lighting.
I've created a couple of objects which I have applied a material and texture to.

However, they don't appear to interact with any light I trow at them when illuminating the scene. I can have a sun at full strenght right next to them and they are still almost pitch black.

I know I must (un)ticked a box or changed a value somewhere but I can't for the life of me find what it is.

Please help! Thank you in advance, and sorry for such a basic question.

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Post by brasshat »

It would be helpful to know whether the phenomenon you are writing about is when the object is rendered, or in the 3D viewport. Also, are the object, and the lights in the same layer? If not, are you trying to render both the scene layers that contain the light and the object?

Since you're very new to Blender, you would be well advised, in my view, to work through one of the online courses. Two I know about are at Tufts University <http://gryllus.net/Blender/3D.html>, and Central Dauphin High School <http://www.cdschools.org/Page/455>.


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