How to make subway stations in Blender (Auran Trainz)

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How to make subway stations in Blender (Auran Trainz)

Post by AntonSweTube93 »

Hello, I've a huge problem.
I want to make subway stations for the pc-game Auran Trainz...
But I don't know how???
I am beginner in Blender but I am good at making routes and sessions...
Little help, please?

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Post by brasshat »


I too use Blender, and enjoy Trainz, so I'll give you the same answer as I would in the Trainz forums. First step is to learn Blender. To start out as a novice, and decide you're going to make a subway station for use in Trainz is a bit like walking into a metal shop with no previous experience, and announcing that you're want to make a new engine for your automobile. You need the skills with the tools in order to get usable results.

In your case, a subway station is a large and complicated collection of objects (the enumerations which follow being descriptive, not exhaustive): infrastructure (tunnels, platforms, elevators, stairs, and perhaps track); and appliances (benches, lights, signs). Some of the objects will be straighforward (benches), others will be more difficult, including, perhaps, animations (elevators), many of which will need different techniques in modeling, and applying materials.

So, the first step is to learn Blender, really well. For this, I'd suggest starting with (one of) the courses offered online for free through Cendral Dauphin High School (cf. <>), or through Tufts University (cf. <>), and working through most of the course, except that you don't need to worry too much about the bits about the game engine, and rendering, as Trainz uses its own game and rendering engine.

Once you've mastered your tool (Blender), and understand the capabilities of the various parts of Blender, you will see in looking at the scene that which objects can be unified into single objects, and which will be better modeled as single elements, and have a good sense in how to proceed.

aka "mjolnir" in the Trainz forums

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