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How to move/specify pivotpoint for constraints?

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:33 pm
by apat

I'm trying to create contstraints between two bodys in Blender, I've succeeded but I dont know how to change the pivot point. Its always centered in one of the bodys.

This goes for any constraint where a pivot point is needed (point to point, hinge etc..).

I'm not using the "blender game engine" but the "blender render engine" mode.

I can make a workaround by making three bodys, making the middle one the pivot point sort of. But that seems like the wrong thing to do. In game engine mode there seems to be a way to alter the pivot point but not in blender render mode.

Any ideas?

Here is where in Blender where I create my constraints, I dont see a way to specify the pivotpoint for the constraint: