Texture doesn't show correctly on a cube

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Texture doesn't show correctly on a cube

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Hi everybody,

I am very new to blender and ran into a very basic problem (I guess at least).

I tried adding a texture that I created on my own to a cube. First, I made a UV-map, then added the texture that I wanted to use to that UV map with Gimp. I then created a material for the cube, and added the texture to that material.

Now, the texture appears (when rendered, otherwise it does not), but not the way I want it to. It should apply each face of the map to a face on the cube, which would be a textured image on the top and nothing on all other faces. I changed the mapping coordinates to UV, the projection to cube, and the material to cube as well. But what happens now, is that the picture on the top is cut in half. I mean by that that half the image appears and the other one seems to not be applied to the cube at all (it's nowhere else on the cube). I have no idea how to change that.

I tried changing the offset of the image, however, that did not seem to help. The image looks correctly applied on the UV-map when I go to the UV editor.

Does anybody have an idea how to solve this?

Thank you!

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