Texture painting/Bone rig

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Texture painting/Bone rig

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Hi I've been working on a sword, for about a week. Right now I'm in the stages of texturing. Unfortunately this is my first one piece so I don't know much about doing anything in blender and have been going off tuts left and right. Basically all I've used is flattened cubes to make my mesh. With a few exceptions here and there.

What I was wondering since I'm new at this, I've been having a hard time getting my UV mapping down. And kind of just want to paint it myself. I know from the manual this is possible. But can I get a seamless texture going from black to mild silverish white to work properly?

Also when I unwrap my more than a few blocks at a time my image turns pitch white. I'm guessing the Material I used or maybe the overlapping parts of my mesh are covering the image which is why I want to paint it myself.

So I guess my question even though I kind of went all out in explaining it is, how can I get into paint mode without my back image since I'm using it as reference from turning pitch white?

Also this mesh I'm hoping to turn into a source game model, With all the VTFs, and VMTs and what not. So is there away to get around using more than 3 textures to get the two tone colors I'm looking for?

The only way I could see being able to do it now, this is more than likely because I'm thinking of the hard way to get around it, Is to paint a certain number of faces at a time. But this would add way to many texture parts to the SMD (I believe it is) to work for the game I'm hoping to import to.

Sorry about the two part question. ---------------------------------------------

I've also been told that, The grip has to have a root bone. I believe it's so the animation knows where to put the hand. They want it at 0,0,0 Which I've done. But the problem I've been having with it is, I accidentally turned my whole mesh into one giant mesh. but is there still away for me to make the bone a parent to the hilt even thought it is now part of one giant mesh?

The other thing is they want it in a bouncing box, I believe this is part of the same thing since it has to do with the animation as well. But when I turn on the box (from out of the solid, wire-frame, etc) it seems to turn my mesh into the box. Is this normal or have I given myself more work? The coordinates for the item to be in the box are set for the game at min -15 -10 -10, and max 55 10 10 I believe. Is this the coordinates for the weapon on top of the grid because the manual was not so helpful on this part.

Sorry for the long essay. Hopefully it's not to much, I would just like to know the answer to these questions before I end up making a bigger mess for myself to clean up later.

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