a question about Blender Controls

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a question about Blender Controls

Post by MarkFijn »

Hello i have a new laptop and i installed blender... But now i don't have a numpad :( How do i jump with the camera without numpad? Or do i have to buy a USB numpad?


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Post by stiv »

A numpad is handy (can't imagine not having one), but you can always use the menus.

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Post by brasshat »

You don't have to buy a keyboard (or nuimpad); under the "input" tab in the User Preferences window is an item, "emulate numpad", which, if ticked, causes the numpad buttons to be mapped to the numeric keys at the top of the keyboard.

That said, however, I did not find this a satisfactory solution, and when I went to try to purchase a numeric keypad, I actually found it cheaper to buy a full USB keyboard, which included the numeric keypad. The improvement to my workflow has more than justified the purchase.

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