Solid view, edit mode: all vertices/edges are x-ray

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Solid view, edit mode: all vertices/edges are x-ray

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Hey there, I have been having this issue with soldi view. All my vertices' and edges' display are coming through the faces when it shouldn't. Like this:

There is like a box inside of my objects where the shading is a bit different and the problem doesn't happen, but anything outside of that kindof box is x-ray, kindof a mixture between solid view and wireframe.

This is like this with all my objects, it's not the user prefs (I reset to default and still have the same problem) and if I reload my startup file it doesn't happen and it's not the limit something to view thingy at the bottom of the 3D view window...

I can't believe something as small as this is bugging me so much that I can't even think straight what to do next!

Thanks for any help!

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