Transparent faces from blender to Unity

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Transparent faces from blender to Unity

Post by Krethz »

Hello everyone,

Im having problems when I try to export my meshes to Unity, I tried to flip normals and all that solutions that I found on the internet but the problem persist.

As you can see in the first picture, what I'm trying to do is just a cube without one of his faces, then in Unity, the last 5 faces inside are transparent... If I try the ctrl+N it just flips faces and from outside view the cube is transparent... ... ptura1.PNG ... ptura2.PNG

Thanks in advance!

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Post by Tohron »

In unity, each face can only show in one direction - so you're going to need both interior and exterior faces.

A quick way to obtain what you want would be to start with a regular cube, and extrude one of the faces inward so it looks like what you want. That shouldn't even require flipping any normals.

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