Tasks and How to acheive them.

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Tasks and How to acheive them.

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I am hoping that someone can simply address the following here. I have been through the tutorial example material and am a little bit lost as to how to achieve the following:

-How can I add a 3D point, and specify its (x,y,z) values?

-I know how to shift select multiple points. How do I join a straight line between two points? Or a bezier curve which will proceed through a number of shift select points in order?

-How may I alter a straight line into a bezier curve to include a 3rd or more points later? I have seen how the bezier editing includes the relative base straight lines.

-I know how to move a 1D,2D,3D object by holding down the scroll button on my mouse. Is there another way to do this?

-Is it possible to twist a 2D or 3D object relative to some axis line running along in a direction? Or a surface about a point?

-It a 3D object proceeds through a surface, how may I cut off one end or the other? Does this process introduce needed points for the object at the surface bisect locations?

-If I have two 2D and or 3D objects which are to touch one another, how may I automatically combine them to one object at the point, line or surface of contact? Will this system eliminate spurious points and add new ones as required?

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