Multiple scenes and the compositor

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Multiple scenes and the compositor

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I currently have 2 scenes in a long animation that I'm working on. One scene is cycles and the other is blender render with volumetric lighting. Because the second scene is used for volumetric lighting it is turned down in the compositor mix node to only give me something like .2 of the scene. Everything is working perfectly in this regard.

Now I'm trying to add a third scene that uses blender render and I'm having a really difficult time getting the scene to show up correctly using the compositor. If I just plug it in then the entire animation is waaay too white and washed out. Need this scene to render at 100% (1.0).

Basically what I have is a guy walking down a hallway in first person view. There's pretty volumetric lighting for everything and he looks out a window to check out a planet. That planet is the third scene. I can share my blend file if that helps at all. I've been working on this for 3 days and I'm extremely frustrated.

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