Texturing larger UV maps in Gimp (Models for games)

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Texturing larger UV maps in Gimp (Models for games)

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Hello there! I've been searching for a solution for this, for a looong time. But haven't really found anything that answered my question, but i'm sorry if it's already been asked in this form.
I hope I might have luck here!
This invols gimp and unity3d.

I've created this house for the game engine unity, I Uv unwrapped the whole building in blender, and imporpted the uv image to Gimp and placed textures on the image. But because I got the whole house in one uv image, which contains alot faces. I have to shrink down the textures in gimp, for them to match on the different faces, which gives me quality lose, because I have to shrink it so much.. I really want to end up with something like this, on all my models (Images taken from google)

1) http://ricgameart.files.wordpress.com/2 ... pping1.jpg

2) https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/imag ... fcYO-W_5mR

As seen on the images, there is a whole house on that one uv.
How do I approach this? and have would I do it, if the mesh was even bigger? Like maybe a whole building full of small rooms where I want all kinds of textures, but with no quality lose? How would I fit all of that into an uv image, or is that not the right way to go for a game model that size? Remember the models are going to be used for a game, and I feel like having uv's for the models are the best way to go, also it gives a lot more control over the details of the model, rather than just assigning materials to the different faces in the game engine. Or is that not a proper way?
How do I approach this?
Thanks in advanced!

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