Common Rendering Problem

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Common Rendering Problem

Post by Ndmerlot » Wed Oct 23, 2013 12:56 am

Of course like most people looking for help I'm new to blender and this forum. My issue is this: after completing a small camera mapping project I've tried to render a single frame but I get nothing. No black screen just a gray grid as if I had no objects or camera. I've been googling like crazy and a lot of people have had similar problems but I'm not seeing a common solution. This is also a project file I've imported from a laptop to my desktop via USB stick. Everything opened nicely and I was able to render in object mode but bugger all when I hit F12. Rendered fine on my laptop but nothing on my desktop. I'm sure there's a setting that needs to be adjusted. Here arey specs for laptop: intel i3 core, intel 4000hd, win8 64bit, blender 2.68a and desktop: intel i7 quad core, nvidia 660gtx, win7 64bit, blender 2.68a. Rendering in cycles.

Appreciate any replies.
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