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Pointcloud and make a fly througth

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 9:05 pm
by kjetil
i am new to blender and i works with drone and scanning aerials from the sky:-)

i make pointcloud

1:i import one pointcloud ply filtered ,but the model just went grey??
how does i get all the detalje in the model ?

i have watch the touturial for beginners and i get that soon

2:when i import the piontcloud i have to scroll out to find the model that i import
how does i get it to the rigth place or can it be there it is to start work with it?

3: when i add curvs and click patch to start making a patch,the patch is not visible on the model,it lies behind it?how to a attact the patch to the model
Many questions :)
i hope you guys can help me out here
kjetil t√łnnesen