Remove hidden geometry

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Remove hidden geometry

Post by kenny_lex » Sat Nov 02, 2013 3:57 pm

Now when Second Life is capable to export to Collada I has often use Second Live to make materials, I has mostly made simple models (like wall panels) that I then has imported into Blender to bake textures, but when I did export a complex build that I did not could optimize I did see that 70 % of the models geometry was hidden in the inside.

Now I wounder if there is any good way to remove hidden faces with Blender and if there is any routine or plugin for that?

One of my ideas was to bake a AO map and then try to remove all faces that was 100 % black, but how to do that and if it is possible if over my Blender level just now.

P.S Sorry for the bad spelling and grammar.

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