Using UV Mapping

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Using UV Mapping

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Recently i have been trying to use Blender to make Minecraft animations, i have looked at quite a few tutorials and hit the same issues.

Once i complete my character mesh, i create the image and make sure it is set to UV Coordinates.
I then go onto the UV Mapping and having the 2nd screen on 3D view.
I select my entire character and unwrap it which creates an orange square on the UV mapping screen.
On the UV mapping screen i select open image and choose the image i want to apply to the mesh. However this is where it doesn't work.
When the mesh is in solid view it doesn't show the image on the sides like i have seen on the tutorials i used. But when i go onto textures view i see the image on a few sides of the mesh but the majority of the sides are completely black.

Any help would be extremely grateful.

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