Developer wannbe -=Motion Tracking=-

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Developer wannbe -=Motion Tracking=-

Post by ibkanat »

First are there other coders interested in this feature?

Secondly, where to start? With a proposal?

To let you know where I am at. I haven't written anything in c in years. Since college... Since there is allot of C code already written for this. Is this way over a nubbies head?

Oh and to clarify I am not meaning camera solving. This would be fine... But really want to take advantage of the new compositor and use motion tracked points to input translation values in the compositor. Change the shape of bezier (garabage mattes). Just help Blender be a full VFX package. Maybe even fix camera shake. ... a_Trackers

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Post by _Po_ »

ibkanat, Damiles with ZanQdo and me could start code Motion Tracking ( soon. I see that your goal is to use it in the compositor, and i think it could be done too. You can mail me to
It could be a great adventure, isn't it ?



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Post by damiles88 »

Hi, I'm looking for some documentation and similar.

I look for some people who want help me as a Paco Abat, Manuel Agustí and Ramon Molla, a valencia university teachers who work with computer vision and they are interested to help us.

All people who want participate on this project send me a mail

I want start this on some days.

Blenderwiki: ... onTracking

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