Motion Tracking Project

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Motion Tracking Project

Post by damiles88 »

This project is started and go well, here is the first track capture:


I have a question, I get a lot of points to track and this points are moving each frame, I want asign an ipo curves to each point to store the x,y positions, this is good igea or maybe use other alternative?

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Post by Caronte »

Motion tracking in Blender? WoW! :shock:

Keep up the good work :wink:
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Post by hyenaman »

maaan u guys are gonna take blender to sweeet orbit...
a tracker would be soooo cooollll.
Yup...assigning curves to points is a good will help in tweaking later on and as well as connecting other objects to points for masks etc.

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Post by methinks »

Have you ever considered splitting the functionality up?
For example:
1) make the point tracker it's own object in blender. You could then apply a number of trackers to track multiple points on the same background video.
2) you would then tie these points together in a solver (Applied to an object as a modifier maybe?) The most obvious of these would be your motion tracker

(ie, you apply four points to the grid, apply the motion tracker modifier to your camera, then in the options for the modifier, select the points. When you hit calculate, the modifier would scrub the video, calculate the movement, and track the virtual camera to the result)

The reason for making it so complicated is to allow flexibility. If someone wanted, they could then write a motion capture solver, which would apply your point tracking to an armature, without having to duplicate all the work you did already.

(The final piece of the puzzle would be to link tracking data from multiple viewports together- If you manage to link the points to IPO's you could choose which value or axis you pull from which tracked point.)

Sorry for rambling...

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