MSVCR71.DLL in instalation?

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MSVCR71.DLL in instalation?

Post by kisolre »

Hi, could you provide some way for instalation of MSVCR71.dll library during Blender instalation?
I just made a fresh install of Windows XP, and tryed to install and run Blender but with no success. I installed Blender and VCRedistributable package but it does not provide this particular library.
After some searching I found it in .NET 1.1 framework but it is not installed in \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ folder and bu default is not available to Blender. So I had to copy it to SYS32 folder and blender started just fine. But this isn't user friendly at all :) An instalation shoud provide all necesary files for the app to run and if not at least info how to obtain them.
I don't know is it posibble and permited to distribute MSVCR71.dll along with Blenders instalation but since this is the only library need aside from VCredist there should be some easy way to obtain it.

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Post by namako »

I had this problem too. A slightly easier way might be to make a .bat file and stick it in your blender directory, then modify the shortcut to point at it:

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SET PATH=%PATH%;"C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322"
Of course, that only works if .NET 1.1.4322 is installed...

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Post by ponderz »

Try installing .net 3.0, and make sure you are up to date with XP.

I did not have to do anything to have it work with XP. Oh, is the XP version you have SP2, it could be the problem too.

You should make sure you have XP SP2.

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Post by kisolre »

In fact it is Windows XP + SP2. And no MSVCR71.dll is present. my point is that all the .DLL's necesary to run Blender should be instaled during instalation or at the download location there should be info where to get them. Like when they pointed that you might need VC redistributables.

I personaly don't have any problem installing Blender. Any one could Google for this DLL and put it in to the %windows%\system32\ forder but this just isn't the right way.

Thomas Mauer
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Post by Thomas Mauer »

MSVCR71.dll is the Standard C runtime library uased by Visual Studio .Net (2003). It is NOT used by Visual Studio 2005 and as such has been depricated by Microsoft, you can't get it from them easily.

Blender needs to ship it with thier program, they are allowed to it is a common redistributable from microsoft. Or they need to upgrade to Visual Studio 2005 and then redistribute the newer version of the DLL.

Personaly I'd turn off linking to the DLL altogether and use the static library version, fewer problems.

The reason the developers have never seen a problem is they probably still have VS 2003 on thier computers (or another program that uses MSVCR71.dll since it is the default in visual studio most programs do).

Anyway chances are that you can find it by searching you Program files directory for it in another program and copy it over to the Blender directory. Does not need to be in System32 although that will work too.

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Post by LetterRip »

Actually it is python 2.5 that links to the DLL the workaround is to either install a full python 2.5 or put the dll inside your blender folder.


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Post by Nortmobile »

I was able to get blender to compile and run just using VS 2005. I'm not using SCONS or anything else, just VS2005. I also ran into this problem after I built it succesfully it, upon running, would say I needed the msvc71d.dll.

What I did to fix this:

Open the Blender project file in VS2005.
Right-click on the blender project
Click on Properties (It will open the "blender Properties Pages" window)
Expand the Build Events section
Click on Post-Build Event
On the right hand side you should see a Command Line parameter section
If you select that line and then the elipsis (...) it will open the command lines that it runs after the code has been compiled.

Change the line
XCOPY /Y ..\..\..\lib\windows\python\lib\lib25_vs2003\python25_d.dll ..\..\bin\debug
XCOPY /Y ..\..\..\lib\windows\python\lib\lib25_vs2005\python25_d.dll ..\..\bin\debug

Rebuild the project (don't just do a build)
You should be good to go

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