MacOS 9.x port?

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MacOS 9.x port?

Post by mccall »


What would it take to get a MacOS 9.x port going? I wouldn't mind helping out if one gets going!


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Post by SirDude »

Probably the most platform specific code is the ghost library.
If you get that working on MacOS9 you would probably have most of
the work done.

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Post by cekuhnen »

i love os 9 but i do not know if it would make sence right now.
os 9 is dieing. the new and following macs are not able to boot into os 9.

and in some years most people are using os x only.


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Post by steve343 »

shame i need a mac os 9 port .... but only for a few more weeks :) then i get to use the better comps in my college :D

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Post by Riskbreaker »

i need an os9 port actually...were running them in our college too and the osx's are always being used by other students (only got one room with OSX's). I dont care if its not updated rigorously as the other versions...just one working publisher version on OS9. Please.....Im going insane during workshop days.........

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Post by Money_YaY! »

buy some clay. Instant mesh. !

or make your own

sorry , buy an ibook I guess. cheapest thing there, and plus you get a student discount. ^v^

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Post by Riskbreaker »

Not the answer I was hoping for.....but it is how it is, i guess.

I hate Macs....... :x

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