Named Layer code question

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Named Layer code question

Post by ace1 »

Blender needs scrolling panels for future expansion of the layer system in order to maintain a "at a glance" interface.If Blender keeps growing in functionality all the developers are going to need more screen real estate in my opinion.I'm looking at the present panel code to modify it as a test but I have a question.

Does Gimp use OpenGL? The reason I'm asking is that Gimp has scrolling panels and I need some code to look at so as to implemment it Blender.

Looking at the text editor's scrolling bar code in Blender doesn't tell me much.

Hope someone can help.
Thanks :D :D :D

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Post by SirDude »

No the gimp uses GTK its own gui toolkit.

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Post by stiv »

You know about moving/dragging panels with the middle mouse button, right? (they are also zoomable)

I personally like that much better than scroll bars and wish more apps used that for moving around in a window.

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