[#7858] yafray plugin support recently broken

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Kai Kostack
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[#7858] yafray plugin support recently broken

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i already have filed a bug report as you can see but because i'm a bit in hurry and because it might only be a little problem to fix i want to ask here for a quick solution.

the latest builds i could find on graphicall and my own ones are crashing since a short period of time when using the yafray plugin (disabled xml button). i think it's not a yafray problem since it's working without problems with xml export.

earlier builds are showing this in the output when rendering:

Loading plugins from 'C:\Program Files\YafRay\plugins'...
Registered blabla
found 18 plugins!
YafRay plugin loaded

recent builds are showing this and let blender crash then:

Loading plugins from ''...
[WARNING]: found 0 plugins!
YafRay plugin loaded

it's a bit annoying to deal with 700mb big xml files or above because exporting and parsing last often longer than the rendering itself, therefore i'd like to skip this nonsense.

help on how to build a working blender/yafray-connection would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

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