stream processing code possible?

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stream processing code possible?

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now im not a code guru by far, but im coming up on summer and have little projects in terms of 3d modeling so i thought it would be great to brush up on my coding skills and learn more as well...

amd has introduced is sdk to implement stream processing, where it will take instructions designed for the cpu and make them gpu bound, significantly increasing performance in heavily arithmatic or algorithm based applications.

what i was thinking, was to have Blender offshoot lighting information and ratracing etc of the scene to the gpu for calculations, while the cpu performed the rest of the calculations.

the gpu would be a absolute beast in the math calculations for raytracing and the sort and would leave the cpu free to to do other computations...

my question is this, would it be possible in the current way blender renders for this to happen?

i figured if we can have optimized builds for intel/amd individually why not a build that can utilize stream processing from ati?

and if so...can anyone point me to a direction ive been searching for a few days without much success, on coding etc for blender, this is something thats going to take me awhile cause im going ground up especially on the ati side...

from what i imagine, there would be a menu option to select if you want to enable stream processing, and when you hit render it would use that.

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