Error message in vcc 6

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Error message in vcc 6

Post by tachyonwill » Sun Jun 01, 2003 11:13 pm

I am a beginning coder and I have been compiling blender for a few weeks, then a few days I did a cvs update I like I do every few days and I got this error message from vcc 6
--------------------Configuration: BL_src_pub - Win32 Release--------------------
..\..\..\source\blender\readstreamglue\BLO_keyStore.h(42) : error C2011: 'UserStructType' : 'struct' type redefinition
Error executing cl.exe.

blender.exe - 1 error(s), 4 warning(s)
(my errors were actually higher but I tried recompiling it and it started were it left off.)

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Post by cmccad » Mon Jun 02, 2003 4:39 pm

A fix for this was found earlier today (dunno if it'll work in your case): ... 03243.html


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