How to change maximum star size?

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How to change maximum star size?

Post by dsavi »

I'm having a problem with blender, specifically the world star system. Stars are more useful than you may think, if you composite them correctly, you can actually get them to look quite good and realistic. Here's my problem: Stars do not scale with the rest of the image. So if you change the size of the image, the stars stay the same size in pixels, even though their position stays relative to the image size. I'm rendering a star field at 8225x3500, and the maximum star size with the minimum separation and star distance isn't enough. The stars are simply too small to be seen when you have zoomed out. I want the stars to be visible when you scale this thing down to one eighth of the original size, so obviously if that's going to happen one of two things must change:
  1. Either the maximum star size must be changed to something about 5 times what it is now, or
  2. The star size must be changed to be relative to the image size.
Can anyone help me with this, either help me to change it myself (I looked through 2.5's code last night, couldn't find it) or get it changed for me?
Thank you.

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