Unsuccessful builds with Visual Studio .NET

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Unsuccessful builds with Visual Studio .NET

Post by macke »


Is there someone whom have successfully built blender using the provided .sln?
I'm getting a lot of "File not found" errors, and mucking around to change ALL the project files to make sure they are pointing correctly seems to be more work than it's worth.

Has anyone managed this?


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Post by mtr »

No, but I'm working on it ...

I'll keep you to up to date. I'll have about 80 .vcproj files to submit to someone for CVS.

(I'm flattening the directory structure for the .vcproj files, intermediate and output directories. Having loads of directories with a single file in it works ok on Unix, but is a real pain under Windows).


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Post by EvilEngel »

I'm also trying to compile using Visual Studio .NET.
It seems straightforward, but incredibly tedious to make all projects work.
I still have about 7 projects that won't compile, and my biggest headache is a duplicate struct definition (UserStructType) in

Have you figured out what to do with that error?

I'm still trying to figure out who's who around here.
Do you know who's maintaining the Visual C++ project files?

Good luck to both us. :)

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Post by mtr »

I frigged it.

In the first place it is defined, I put #define USERSTRUCT and in the second file put

Which is NOT the right solution, but I'm struggling against sh*tloads of Undefined Symbol errors trying to link blender.exe.

I'm going back to the MCV6 .dsp file to see what that does, under the assumption that it does actually compile.

Am I right?

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