mesh-editing - Purifying vertex/edge/poly modes

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mesh-editing - Purifying vertex/edge/poly modes

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Could anyone who's worked with the source base comment on how easy or difficult it would be to add an option for this:-

[1] Selecting Vertices does *not* select edges/polys between them
[2] ditch shading of edges around selected verts
[3] allow any arbitrary combination of adjacent edge/polygon/vertex selection

Example Uses:-
[1] Collapse-Hints - select Vertices, select Edges, then collapse merge *unselected* vertices of each edge to the selected vertices
[2] Subdivide Hints - when splitting an edge, connect mesh to tagged vertices in preference to untagged, also integrate connecting edges between tagged vertices in the same tool
[3] same for extrude - select polys, select vertices/edges to keep un-extruded
[4] tool to move multiple vertices along selected adjacent edges
[5] more selection functions - "select interior edges", etc Automated selection functions are usefull for fidly scenes

Also, one could make the menus more *context-sensitive*.. only display options relevant to the current combination of selected components, less to hunt through.

I'd be interested in adapting this for my own use if it doesn't go against the grain.. has the community already considered this sort of thing?

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