import bge

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import bge

Post by BlenderFan123 »

When I try to import the bge in blender python, I get an error message that the module doesn't exist. Where can I download that bge module for blender python?! I'm using blender 2.60
Thanks in advance! :-)

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Post by Droghio »

I have been having the same problem, from what I can gleam from documentation it seems that you don't have to explicitly declare an import, blender will do it automatically with a call to bge, for example, bge.something.something, should autoload the bge module.

Of course this hasn't worked for me but it may for you, anyone else know what's going on, I believe this is a common issue. :PP

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Re: import bge

Post by ldo »

I think the bge module is only available while the Game Engine is actually running.

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