bug in the current cvs

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bug in the current cvs

Post by chimera »

the cvs version I just compiled crashes using the decimator with a huge mesh. here the console output.

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bash-2.05b# blender
guessing 'blender' == '/usr/bin/blender'
blender: /var/tmp/portage/blender-cvs-20031004/work/blender/intern/decimation/intern/LOD_MeshPrimitives.cpp:204: void LOD_Edge::SwapFace(CTR_TaggedIndex<24, 16777215>, CTR_TaggedIndex<24, 16777215>): Assertion `false' failed.

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Post by Desoto »

Thats not a bug its a feature.

Er...I mean...

In my experience the decimator has always crashed blender with large meshes. Tip #1 - Try to avoid using it at all costs, much like Booleans...or...Syrup of Ipacac.

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