blender with cuda

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blender with cuda

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Myself Sankha and I am a research graduate student doing research on pedestrian simulation on GPU using cuda. I was looking for some tools to create the 3d models of the pedestrian and environment very easily and I came across blender. I have no idea about this software but I can explain here about my need very specifically only in the hope if somebody could help me out. Actually I am working on pedestrian simulation where pedestrian movement features (like collision avoidance) would be governed by the algorithms created by me and it would be implemented on GPU using cuda for faster implementation. So I need a visualizer through which I could see the pedestrian movement and their behavior very easily. Now I don't have any graphics background and I don't want to put too much time in making the model or in the visualization creation. So for very long time I am searching for a way through which I could do the visualization part very easily and I came across through blender.

So my whole question is that whether blender is capable of working with cuda? Like I just wanted to know that with blender is it possible that I would draw an environment and the pedestrian present in the environment; and then the movement of the pedestrian and other characteristics would be governed by my own algorithm written in cuda.
But the visualization of this movement of the pedestrian would be done in the blender.
All I mean is the computational part of the movement like search for space availability,collision avoidance,etc would be in cuda but visualization in blender; will it be possible to do? If yes then how could I do it and from where shall I start. Thanks in advance for all your help.

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