Following the code flow from program launch

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Following the code flow from program launch

Post by BlenderFun »

I have downloaded the codebase and can build it and run it ok. I want to start studying it in depth, but as there is a lot there it would help me to start looking at the sources that get called at program launch and following from that point on, though their use of Ghost and building of the windows, etc.

Normally I'd start right with the main() call and go from there, but I don't even know where/if that exists in this codebase. I've read the various wikis I could find and they provide general overviews, but I want more details and this seems the best approach.

Can anyone advise which source files are invoked first that handle window creation, splitting etc to end up at launch with the default interface? When I get that down, maybe I will have a starting point from which to branch off my studying.

Very excited to study this codebase, thanks!

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Post by sphaero »

It starts in blender/source/creator/creator.c

There's the main function.

You can follow it from there :)

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