Looking for code collaborators for Blender + Python project

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Looking for code collaborators for Blender + Python project

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Looking for a Python coder (or possibly VBA, C#, C++) to help with a project.

I'm working on a project that has blender working as one of it's core components.

The project basically revolves around and improves upon the 3DNP project which became the viewer for Shapeways.

Taking this idea, I am trying to make an easy to use and sophisticated web viewer for 3d models that doesn't pass model information to the browser (à la thingiviewer) for use with displaying 3D printer models.

The project revolves around 2 components:

Frontend Viewer software
Backend Pre-rendering software

The front end part is 95% there, but the back-end part is where I've struggled. I've managed to get a working proof of concept but I would now like to develop this further and get an easy to use, presentable solution.

The final aim of this project is to have a software-as-a-service website that would follow a simple upload->render->view pipeline, allowing easy sharing of models online.

If anyone is interested let me know.

The project is alive on GitHub as:
and here is a link to some examples of the i3dv - interactive 3d viewer in action.

(p.s apologies if this is in the wrong board!)

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