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Compiling Blender on Mac OS X 10.5

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 11:12 am
by macholg
Dear all,

unfortunately, binaries for 10.5 are not supplied any more since Blender 2.64. Since I'm working in a mixed computer environment including old PPC and newer Intel machines, I'm very careful not to upgrade the OS version as long as everything's working fine.

So I've tried to compile the latest version, using your excellent instructions (for Blender 2.5) and the latest developer tools available for 10.5 (XCode 3.1.4). However, the huge number of compile errors give a hint that developers appear to have dropped 10.5 support.

What can I do now (except for OS upgrading)? Is anybody in the developer community still maintaining a 10.5 build but doesn't distribute it in the Download section? Please don't drop old-fashioned non-updating users, and continue to provide 10.5 builds.

Thanks for a quick reply!

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 10:39 pm
by stiv
I can certainly understand your reluctance to upgrade. The basic problem here is that no one willing to do builds has OSX 10.5 anymore.

Possible solutions:

* Find an OSX 10.5 build on .

* Roll your own. Obviously more complicated. Likely you will need to build some of your own libraries from source.

One way to get started is to turn off all the new, fancy features you can in order to get the build working. Then you can add them back later.

Scons is probably the easiest build system to get working out of the box. You can turn of features by creating your own file.

For real-time help, you can ask questions on the #blendercoders IRC channel on Otherwise, you can post errors here.

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 5:09 pm
by macholg
Thanks stiv for your quick reply.

OK it appears like it's too much work for me to compile Blender. So the "clean" solution is to stick with version 2.63 and don't care of newer features.

But I found another weird workaround - downloaded VirtualBox (up to 4.1.28, it's provided for 10.5, after that 10.6 is required), installed Ubuntu onto it and installed Blender 2.68a for Linux. It seems to work, so for my purposes, I've found a solution which is admittedly by far not an optimum (only feasible for the Intel machine). So this as a hint to anybody who runs into OS compatibility issues.

Thanks again, and have a good time with Blender!