Need help with 3d file format exporter.

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Need help with 3d file format exporter.

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Hello, I have worked on a 3d file format that I nearly completely reverse engineered with 010 editor, id say 99.9% to be exact... Because I lack skills to code I really need help from someone to make an exporter for me to this custom file type.

Im not actually that great at reverse engineering, I had to learn everything myself so id like to contact anyone who wishes to help through Skype to explain things about this 010 template to make it easier to understand how to export in the needed file format.

Here is what me and my co-dev members do,
basically we are making an old Gundam MMORPG server emulator "With Permission" and would love to be able to make new areas, weapons, and vehicles for the game. If you are a gundam fan and wish to donate a bit of your time to help us, we would be grateful.

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