Making Screen Layouts More Customizable

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Making Screen Layouts More Customizable

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One of the valid points Andrew Price made about blender is that there is a lot of scrolling and looking through options to find the ones pertinent to your current task. However, he admitted at Blender Conference 2013 that his tabbed solution was inflexible and the tabs would clutter the space. I believe that Blender's Screen Layouts can provide the solution, if we tweak the panels and tools a little bit. I hope that developers will post here how feasible they think this is (and how long) and users will post whether or not they think that it is worth doing. Here's the idea:

First, make a place at the bottom of each panel where panel items (like Object Tools, Rigid Body Tools, Grease Pencil, etc) can be hidden. Make this area expandable so that hidden items can still be found if desired. Because of the way the screen layouts work, each layout can have a different set of visible items tailored to the job intended in that panel. If the user finds that he needs another tool for the task, they can still be easily found and made visible.

Second, enable dragging panel items to other panels. I'm less confident in this idea and it will take more drastic changes, but It may be very valuable to group, say, the grease pencil with the other tools on the panel to the left of the 3d View editor. Add to each panel a "reset to default" button so that when users realize they've messed everything up it will be recoverable. To make this a smooth operation it will also probably be necessary to provide an organized (and searchable?) listing of panel items. Maybe have a popout window with a panel that has all available items in it so that users can drag items from there.

So, how feasible is this? How much will this help in the creating of usable workflows?

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