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Operators functions wont call in c

Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:25 am
by rasamohamed
Hi, Advance Thanks for your valuable reply.

In this Folder source / blender / windowmanager / intern /
File : wm_operators.c

In this file, this WM_OT_quit_blender function calls every operator functions like wm_exit_blender_op, wm_console_toggle_op, wm_save_as_mainfile_exec through invoke or exec or check but I can't call any other operator functions like wm_save_mainfile_invoke within wm_exit_blender_op. Why? what I have do for this. I have to execute the save mainfile function within the exit_blender function. Whats solution for this. Pls refer the following code.

static int wm_exit_blender_op(bContext *C, wmOperator *op)
// Here, I can't call functions like wm_save_mainfile_invoke why>




static void WM_OT_quit_blender(wmOperatorType *ot)
ot->name = "Quit Blender";
ot->idname = "WM_OT_quit_blender";
ot->description = "Quit Blender";

ot->invoke = WM_operator_confirm;
ot->exec = wm_exit_blender_op;
ot->poll = WM_operator_winactive;