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Walk me through compiling Blender for Windows?

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2013 4:04 am
by Nero1024
My knowledge of C is very limited. I'm stuck trying to compile Blender 2.69 release source w/ edits to the GPU code, but I can't get past the CMake phase. I'm following this tutorial here: ... rself.aspx

CMake complains about this message:
"Performing Test HAVE_STDBOOL_H - Failed
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:1825 (message):
Apple and Windows require pre-compiled libs at:

I can't get to the location since it's truncated, and I'm basically stuck over here.

I'm using Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit with MSVC Express 2008.

Can I get some help here? The most I've ever compiled is simple 16-bit text based stuff with a Borland IDE.

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2013 7:11 pm
by stiv
Judging by the link, the article is from 2011. A lot has changed since then. You might be better with something from the Development docs: ... ng_Blender

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 12:46 am
by Nero1024
It's still stopping at the same point; can't find stdbool.h in a directory that I can't locate.

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 7:47 pm
by stiv
Do you have an stdbool.h somewhere? If not, time to install stuff, likely the stdc++ libs & headers.

If you do have it, then your include paths are wrong.