where_is_object function / particles and armatures

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where_is_object function / particles and armatures

Post by leon »

hi all,

while working on the particle deflection stuff, one of the things I came across was that the "where_is_object" function (from object.c) doesn't seem to report the location correctly in ob->obmat if an emitter is parented to an armature (at least, if I call the function from effect.c).

I assume this is the reason you can't parent emitters to armatures.

Can any guru coders tell me if there are any "special requirements" for using the where_is_object function? i.e. any variables I should be setting etc....



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Post by Hos »

Maybe try this on the armature parent before doing the where_is_object():

make_displists_by_armature (ObArm);


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