OSX game build ready except.

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OSX game build ready except.

Post by Money_YaY! »

Except that it needs some optimazation stuff..

Optimization on the scons build method is nonexsistant for darwin. I added

extra_flags = ['-pipe', '-fPIC', '-funsigned-char', '-ffast-math', '-mcpu=7450', '-mtune=7450']

, '-ffast-math', '-mcpu=7450', '-mtune=7450' are the additions.


release_flags = ['-O3']

to the if sys.platform =='darwin' section and it speeded things up nicely.

To find the correct machine type to add to -mcpu= and -mtune= use machine at the command line:
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[PowerBookG4 10:17:43am michaelv ] ~% machine
ppc7450 you'll get something like this.
Or you can just use the generic -mcpu=powerpc assuming you have a powerpc

For compiling the gameengine I added this to the SConscript file in solid:

elif sys.platform=='linux2' or sys.platform=='linux-i386':
defines += ['NDEBUG']
cflags += ['-O2']
elif sys.platform == 'darwin':
cflags += ['-O3', '-ffast-math', '-mcpu=7450', '-mtune=7450']
This adds the same optimizations to solid as the rest of the code.

Can anyone help ??? I am trying to get it to work but I am at a lost.

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Post by alien-xmp »

Can anyone help ??? I am trying to get it to work but I am at a lost.
What is the problem?

How much does the optimisation help? Can you post the framerate, and the profile by turning on the "Show framerate & profile" option in the game menu when running Ballercoaster.blend from the testing blends (http://www.blender.org/modules.php?op=m ... highlight=) please.

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Post by farbin »

I would really be excited to see an OSX build if someone wants to share. I am not much at compiling (and Fink) and my project has kept me busy enough.

Do sound and setMousePosition work properly in the new OSX builds?

Thanks for any info (I seem to only see Windows and Linux builds on the forums).


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Post by Money_YaY! »

Fixed ! ^v^

check the testing builds section for the link..

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OpenAL implementation

Post by lordloki »


Which openal's implementation are you using?
OpenAL's CVS or Icculus CVS?

May be, if you use icculus openal implementation (fastest) the gameengine could go faster.

the link is http://icculus.org/news/news.php?id=1728
the icculus CVS is http://icculus.org/al_osx/

From developer.apple.com/audio:
Apple has contributed modifications to the OpenAL project that result in dramatic performance enhancements for gaming audio on Mac OS X.

The newest OpenAL MacOSX library here:
http://developer.creative.com/articles/ ... =38&aid=97

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