compiling problems with windows me and cygwin

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Post by butelo »

I´ve got exactly the same problems since yesterday, I compile CVS almost every day with cygwin perfectly, without any changes suddenly didn´t work, any suggestions or ideas? The compilation log is the same as above...

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Post by Kenden »

I have compiled with scons and cygwin with no problems, but when I start the build, I get the error:

"libpng.dll was not found".

Scons doesn't build the game engine with cygwin by default, and it seems that only the makefile has been fixed at the moment: ... bf-blender

Could this have something to do?

(code is from 28-10-04)


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Post by jesterKing »

I committed a fix for scons already way before the makefiles were updated, related to Kesters screenshot fix.


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Post by Kenden »

Thanks jesterKing, I should have looked better in the archives.

I have just compiled with 'cygwin' and 'make' with no problem, and the build runs fine.

So I am wondering if there isn't a problem with the scons configuration for cygwin. I have saved the error message, when I launch blender.exe, I get:

blender.exe - Unable To Locate Component
This application has failed to start because libpng.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

Other differences between using 'make' and 'scons':

With make:
- I get a .zip file,
- the blender.exe has the blender icon
- there are files not present with scons:
* Help (shortcut to
* zlib.pyd
* release_226.txt
* release_227.txt
* release_228.txt
* release_228a.txt
* release_228c.txt
* release_230.txt
* release_231.txt
* release_232.txt
* release_233.txt
* release_233a.txt

With scons:
- I get a tar.gz file,
- the blender.exe has no icon, just the 'Default Application' icon,

Does somebody else has the same symptoms when using scons?


PS: I know scons is still being worked on, just trying to help iron bugs.

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