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JWalton wrote: you don't need python and game engine and stuff.
I don't?

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you don't need python and game engine and stuff.
Well actualy python needed anyway ... bun I think ipaq blender is quite good without GE. if peoples want to design games they will need more resources than ipaq's can offer, bout for modelling it's quite good enough.
i donno, charcoal and paper is pretty good for that
Yes, but maybe we do not need blender at all than?

64-128mb is shared with the other programs storage and I+D space during execution. for instance on my 64mb pocketpc i have 12mb storage free, and 17mb program free. it goes _real_ fast.
You are absolutely right. But adding more ROM is very cheap (for PDA's) and you can use 1GB memory stick , it's about 300$ (also you can take some divx with you :) )
hey, I see you have a double-post...not fun
ok , sorry for that, fixed!
If your looking for developer resources check out the talk
I gave at the blender conference:
Thanx a lot, that realy helps!
The Skelet

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joeri wrote:
JWalton wrote: you don't need python and game engine and stuff.
I don't?
yes joeri, for the context in which i put the original usage model; my opinion is that given that an iPAQ is certainly not as stated "New ipaq's have enough cpu and ram to run fully functional blender workstation", you could certainly loose a few pounds by dropping a scripted language interface for a machine with little or no typing capability, and a 3D accelerated feature for a machine that also has no accelerated 3D capability.

version 2.04 as implemented was fine for what i said it was probably good for "on site 3D walk through".

having bought 3 pocketpc's the best games are 2D platform games, solitare, jawbreaker, anything you would find on www.pocketgamer.org anything else is beyond it's power.


seems there is some activity in the 3d accelerated pocketpc area: http://www.nvidia.com/page/pg_20040916183808.html

along with VGA screens, it might prove interesting to produce a game engine for this class of pocketpc.

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