Please refine the uninstaller, it deleted 3 days of work

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Please refine the uninstaller, it deleted 3 days of work

Post by MikeHart »

Hi all,

I'm not sure where to post. It isn't really a bug but it destroyed 3 days of work. Well, what have happend?

I was working on an python ex-/importscript for Blitz3D files. Ofcourse I placed inside the script folder. After the release of 2.37a I wanted to have the newest version. Stupid me I trusted the uninstall 2.37 to much, by thinking it would only delete the stuff that came with the installation, like it is with over software. Well, it deleted my script. Funny thing is that it didn't delete the configuration file for the menus and the uninstall.exe. Go figure. So, I suggest to refine the uninstall to only delete the files that where installed before and also only the unchanged files.

Thanks for your attention
Michael Hartlef

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Post by z3r0_d »

uhh, isn't this what putting the scripts directory in your application data folder is for [it is an option during the install]

... but you have a good point, it isn't clear that the scripts folder will be deleted

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