Some SCons/Win32 problems...

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Some SCons/Win32 problems...

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I have been trying to build with SCons under Win32, using my installed Visual Studio .NET 2003. I prefer to stick with one, maintained build system, which is why I went with SCons rather than the VS.NET project files, which appear to always lag behind by some way.

First thing I noticed, no matter what I change in config.opts, it still seems to want to build with Quicktime. I tried various things, and eventually conceded and downloaded the QT SDK. Is there something wrong with the feature enable/disable stuff in SCons.

Secondly, when I did get it to build, I ran it from the commandline (it, BTW, is blender.exe), and it crashed. However, when the same executable is launched from within Explorer, it runs fine. I have absolutely no idea why this is, any suggestions?

Finally, a question, are there any plans to settle on one single build system, or is the intention to continue (partially) supporting half a dozen different ones, each slightly out of date with the other, and each maintained at different rates? I would expect that settling on a single build system with comprehensive instructions for building with it, would make it a lot easier for potential contributors to get up to speed quicker. At the moment, there seems to be a deluge of different options, and each option has a scattering of different documentation in different places. This situation makes it very difficult and frustrating for new developers to pick up the Blender source and start playing.

Just my two penn'orth.



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