Two main development efforts?

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Two main development efforts?

Post by Devas73 »

I was thinking about how the job of improving Blender should be organized.
Having looked at the code, I think that there should be two main efforts: one extends the currently available architecture, in order to have quick results, another creates the architecture of Blender3, more OO, more modular, more maintainable.
It should include plugin support, undo feature, etc.
When the architecture of Blender3 will be solid, the main development will shift entirely on that.
I have quickly gave a look to the verse based proposal, and still I have to form a definite opinion on it.
My main concern is that I would rather keep Blender small, efficient and not memory hungry, as it is now - at the same time making simple to add features on it.
I have experience developing with ODE (see so I could help integrating ODE in GameBlender as first task.
I'm not really experienced in 3d apps architectures.
It's still not clear to me who will direct the development efforts...

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Post by jeotero »

that could be a good idea a stable branch and the nextgen branch

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Post by H_xNaN »

jeotero wrote:that could be a good idea a stable branch and the nextgen branch
Are you sure you want cvs-branches ? Or do you mean just different development trees ? In both cases the merging is a major pain :( If we could organize the code more into modules then the this merging becomes do-able.

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