To save a pict with PNG format makes crash the MSVC compil

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To save a pict with PNG format makes crash the MSVC compil

Post by jms »

Try to save an image with PNG format makes crash the MSVC compilation since 02/24 at least . Oldest version,
06/02/21, works . The current, 06/02/27, Ming/win32 compilations seem to works correctly .

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Post by paprmh »

also, somewhere in the same timeframe (between 2/23 and 2/27) the logic buttons (f4) quit drawing properly in my cygwin builds... and I see that your latest msvc build has the same problem. My cygwin builds haven't have the png crash though

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Post by bjornmose »

There seems to be some confusion in which libpng to link with.
The old scons did link with the *_st.lib .. the new one links dynamic.
I found linking static does not crash, linking dynamic crashes.

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