removing parts of mesh to a new object

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removing parts of mesh to a new object

Post by RayBan »

Im new to blender, but i really like it so far. Im busy creating a low poly
starship mesh to use in irrlicht but i cannot figure out how to remove part
of an object into a new object.

if it was milkshape i would just select the triangles/faces i wanted and then
regroup them, that way they get removed from the previous object and
become a new one. I know how to join different objects into one with the
Ctrl-J... but is there a reverse way to do this? a way to split up an existing
object into different ones?

currently i have to make a duplicate of the object then manually delete the
faces i dont want in it, which means i have to go back to the 1st copy of the
object and delete the faces on that one also.

im hoping there is an easier way to go about this. by reading and watching
tutorials i have been able to figure out how to use blender's other features
but this one thing i cannot find any reference to. any help would be

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Post by Caronte »

Select the poligons and use the P key.
That's all

Thi's a developper forum, you can get better support in the forums.
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Post by RayBan »

thanks for the quick reply, works a charm.
sorry for the post here, im pretty new to blender and wasnt shure where
to post this q.

thanks again.

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