Multi-res and boneweight problems

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Multi-res and boneweight problems

Post by hello »

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this but I can't seem to find anywhere else specifically relating to the sculpt-mode/multires tools.

This problem is apparent in the 2.43rc1 under linux, so somebody tell me if it has either been fixed or is just not working in the linux compile (I'll try compiling from cvs when I get a chance). Also, I could just be doing something entirely wrong so if thats the case, someone tell me that too.

Let's say I add multires (and an additional level or two) to a model that has some vertex groups and an armature modifier. When I try to deform the mesh with the armature, instead of interpolating where the higher res points should be (like subsurf does), it just assigns bone weights to all the points at what appears to be a fixed amount. This ends up making the deformed object look messy, and its impossible to work in sculpt mode while the armature isn't at rest.

Later I find a pin variable that allows the user to choose which level is acted on by modifiers before the multires. This is exactly what I want, however it only works for render and, even worse, my level 1 seems to have lost all bone weight and vertex group data completely since adding multires!

It'd be nice if making a mesh multires didn't delete all of level 1's bone-weight and vertex group data in the final 2.43 release as that would at least make rendering function properly. And, if there is remaining time, maybe add another pin setting for the 3d-view so that one can use sculpt mode on a mesh that is in a pose.

If there is a better place to put this where the person working on this functionality (I think Nicholas Bishop) might see it, let me know.

I think this is a great feature and its great right now for stills or static objects, but with this bug, sculpt mode and multires aren't functional for animation.

Thanks for any help/coding on the matter.

P.S. I was just playing a little more. It seems as though level 1 is not the same as the original mesh (like it should be as stated by the wiki), but more like the original after being smoothed several times by the "smooth" button. (Try making a cube at default size and adding multires and a level. Then switch back to level one, and the cube will be half the size.) Curiously, level 2 looks correctly like a subsurfed original, but not a subsurfed level 1.

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Post by LetterRip »


please post examples and bugs to the bug tracker,



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Post by onip »

It seems that your problem is very similar to mine,if I understand what you mean,take a look . ... est9xm.jpg ... est7re.jpg

I think that for now we have to wait for a fix,maybe after the 2.43 release the problem can be solved.

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New case

Post by unkelben »


I'd just like to report something similar. I suppose this wouldn't be too hard to fix since the model is all right in the viewport but only gets distorted at render. I can provide the file if needed.


The sculpt mode is just amazing, but it loses a bit of its appeal if it doesn't allow for armature animation...

Perhaps there's a workaround?

In any case, thanks everyone.


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